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bigstock-Decorative-Scales-Of-Justice-I-34001234In the state of Colorado, you can violate a protection order without even contacting the protected party. Most protection orders also place a limit your right to possess firearms, consume alcohol, and more. Violation of a protection order (or restraining order, abbreviated VPO or VRO) is treated seriously in Colorado, and a violation of any term of the protective order is the legal equivalent of appearing on the protected party’s property.

If you’ve been charged with VPO, it also means that you had an existing protection order against you, you have a new criminal charge, and an additional protection order may be issued. It’s not a good situation, but a good Colorado criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Lindsey Parlin, can help. If you are charged with VPO or VRO, call her Leadville law offices immediately to seek representation and get the legal help you’re going to need. Lindsey Parlin can review your case, help you understand your rights, and discuss your legal options.


Often, it’s difficult for a prosecutor to prove that a temporary or permanent order of protection has been violated. It depends on the terms of the protection order and the prosecutor’s evidence. If your phone number is on the victim’s caller ID or if police observe you together, it will be tough to win at trial; however, an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney may be able to have evidence suppressed or show that the order was not properly served. The person who filed the order is required to serve the defendant as part of the process. If this never happened, the defendant may not have been aware a protection order existed.

Juries understand that break-ups and custody battles often tempt people to use the courts to get back at one another, so in some cases, the purported victim’s allegations can be entirely discredited by attorneys. Short of acquittal, a good criminal defense lawyer may be able to show the court mitigating circumstances and obtain a better plea bargain. With her experience in family law and her exceptional background in the Colorado court system, Attorney Lindsey Parlin is uniquely qualified to provide effective defense to anyone charged with violating a protection order.


While Colorado law tends to favor the alleged victim in VPO and VRO cases, Attorney Lindsey Parlin will put the law back in your corner. She represents clients throughout Eagle, Lake, Park, Summit, and Chaffee counties. Her law office defends people in cases involving violation of protection orders, domestic violence, assault, drug charges, and DUI. If you are accused of violating a protection order, please schedule a free consultation with criminal defense attorney Lindsey Parlin – today – by filling out the form on the contact page on this site or by calling her law offices at 719-310-3703. All clients and prospective clients are treated with complete respect and extended every possible courtesy. Evening and weekend appointments are available on request. There’s no time to waste if you are facing a hearing for the crime of violating a protection order–contact Parlin Law P.C. today.