Leadville criminal defense lawyerProtection orders (also called restraining orders) are issued by Colorado courts to regulate or prohibit contact between specific persons. Protection orders can be issued by a criminal court as the result of of criminal charges, or they can be imposed when a civil court grants the petition of someone seeking such protection. Regardless of which court issues a protection order, its violation is always a crime.

If you need to have a protection order issued, experienced Colorado attorney Lindsey Parlin will help you with the paperwork, court hearings, and other matters related to petitioning for protection. With her extensive familiarity with the Colorado courts, Ms. Parlin is uniquely able to help those seeking a restraining order. Contact her Leadville law offices today if you need a protection order issued or if you have questions regarding protection orders.


A civil protection order is designed to stop violence, threats, harassment, stalking, or sexually abusive behavior and to protect you and your family members. You may petition the court for a protection order even if you are not related to the abuser and not in an intimate relationship. If the judge approves your request, the defendant must be served so he or she is aware of the order. The initial order is temporary, however a person can request a hearing in order to make the order permanent. If the accused abuser violates the order, he or she may go to jail. If you have a valid Colorado protection order, other states are required to enforce it to protect the victims. Federal law ensures that each state must enforce out-of-state protection orders in the same way it enforces its own. Colorado aggressively enforces protection orders issued by other states.


As a Child and Family Investigator (CFI) for Colorado’s 5th Judicial District, Colorado attorney Lindsey Parlin has conducted investigations and made custody recommendations to the court, experience that gives her unique insights into matters that involve protection orders. With her background in both family law and criminal defense, Ms. Parlin can answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you obtain the protection order you need to protect yourself or a member of your family. It’s a complicated legal procedure that requires the help of an experienced lawyer. Lindsey Parlin is the Lake County, Colorado attorney who is prepared to represent you as you file to seek protection from the court.

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