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Lake County family law attorney Lindsey Parlin has represented clients in all categories of cases related to family law. She is an experienced Colorado family law attorney who helps clients from the initial filing of dissolution (divorce) through subsequent motions, judgments, and enforcement. Ms. Parlin handles all matters related to divorce including custody, visitation, child support, and alimony (called “maintenance” in Colorado). If you are – or expect to be – involved in an alimony dispute, get the legal help you need promptly and contact the law offices of Lindsey Parlin. She will answer your legal questions and address your concerns regarding alimony.


Maintenance (alimony) is distinct from child support and provides financial support by one spouse so that the other has the financial resources to meet basic needs after the relationship is over. The amount of maintenance is contingent on the incomes of the spouses, child care obligations, the length of the marriage, and other circumstances. In most cases the courts are not required to adhere to a precise “formula” for determining the amount of maintenance one party must pay the other. At a judge’s discretion, a temporary maintenance formula can be applied to spouses with a combined adjusted gross income under $75,000 a year. Maintenance may only be ordered in a divorce case and not in any other kind of family law case. Experienced Lake County maintenance lawyer Lindsey Parlin can help you determine if you are entitled to maintenance or at risk for being ordered to pay it. If you are currently dealing with a maintenance dispute, Lindsey Parlin can explain the legal process, provide legal services, and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for this very personal matter.


How long can you expect to pay or receive maintenance? It depends, based on a number of factors. One element to be considered is the length of the marriage; others are the ages, health, and financial prospects of the spouses. In the typical Colorado divorce, Colorado divorce attorneys will initially seek maintenance payments for a period one-half the length of the marriage. The final number of maintenance payments is determined by agreement, or if both parties cannot reach an agreement, by order of the court.

If you are involved in a divorce or alimony dispute – or expect to be – speak at once with an experienced Colorado divorce attorney. Colorado divorce and family law attorney Lindsey Parlin offers free initial consultations at her Leadville law offices and offsite as well. Evening and weekend appointments are available on request. Ms. Parlin represents clients in El Paso, Lake, Park, Summit, and Chafee counties. Our law office focuses on a number of practice areas in family law including child custody and parenting visitation rights, child support, property division, and spousal maintenance issues. Take the action you need to take now – please fill out the information form on the contact page of this site or call the law offices of Attorney Lindsey Parlin at 719-310-3703 to schedule a consultation. Don’t waste any time when it comes to reaching a maintenance settlement–contact Parlin Law P.C. law firm today.