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  • Lindsey Parlin is one of the best mediation lawyers due to her background as a Child and Family Investigator for the 5th Judicial District.
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Lake County Mediation AttorneyMediation is a superior method for handling many legal disputes especially when it comes to the cost. Whenever courtrooms and trials can be bypassed, time and money can be saved and burdensome inconveniences can be avoided. When mediation is used in divorce, it helps preserve a civil relationship between both parties. Experienced Chaffee County mediation attorney Lindsey Parlin is a skilled, professional mediator who can assist couples as they resolve personal issues related to divorce (called “dissolution of marriage” in Colorado), property, and child custody.

Ms. Parlin also acts as a mediator in other legal cases that do not necessarily require a trial. Landlord-tenant disputes and employer-employee disputes, for example, can frequently be settled by mediation to the benefit of all parties involved. If you are involved in a divorce or other legal dispute that might best be resolved through mediation, contact attorney Lindsey Parlin today at her law offices in Leadville. A mediated settlement often provides the best possible solution to a dispute.


In general, many divorce cases – obviously not every case – most issues can be promptly and less expensively addressed in mediation. When issues remain disputed prior to the final hearing, Colorado divorce courts usually order couples to attempt to reach a mediated agreement before going to court. Frequently-mediated matters in divorce cases include division of debts and assets, child support, alimony (called “maintenance” in Colorado), custody (called “parental responsibility”), and changes to existing court orders.

With advanced family mediation training and experience, and with her background as a Child and Family Investigator for the state’s 5th Judicial District, Lake County mediation attorney Lindsey Parlin is qualified and fully prepared to help you reach a mediated agreement to any disputed divorce issue.


Divorce and mediation attorney Lindsey Parlin is known for her dedicated commitment to the best interests of each client and their families; she has earned the respect of her fellow attorneys and her community. In fact, Lindsey Parlin has been named “Favorite Local Attorney” by the Leadville Herald-Democrat for three consecutive years. El Paso County mediation attorney Parlin offers free consultations for all mediation-related matters and also holds weekend and evening appointments. She represents clients throughout El Paso, Lake, and Chafee counties. Her law office focuses on a number of practice areas in family law, including dispute resolution, child custody and parenting visitation schedules, child support, property division, and maintenance issues.

Divorce and family law lawyer Lindsey Parlin stays available to clients throughout every stage of the legal process. If you are involved in any kind of legal dispute, act now and get the help you need to resolve it from an experienced Colorado mediator and family law attorney. Lindsey Parlin will work tirelessly on your behalf to resolve your legal issue through mediation. Please call the law offices of Lindsey Parlin today at 719-310-3703, or fill out the form on the contact page of this site. There’s no time to waste when it comes to beginning the mediation process and moving on with your life–contact Parlin Law P.C. law firm today.