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Lake County Drug Crimes LawyerA drug crime conviction in Colorado can mean a criminal record, stiff fines, and even jail time. In other words, if you’re charged with violating drug laws in Colorado, your future is literally at risk and you will need a lawyer in Lake County. Experienced Lake County drug crimes attorney Lindsey Parlin will represent you if you face a drug charge in the state of Colorado. She understands that everyone makes mistakes, and she will work aggressively to defend you, your rights, and your future. If you are facing a drug charge in Colorado, get the legal help you’re going to need; call the law offices of criminal defense attorney Lindsey Parlin immediately. Ms. Parlin represents defendants in both misdemeanor and felony narcotic cases including drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession with intent to sell, trafficking, cultivation, sale and distribution, and prescription-related drug crimes. Some of these crimes are classified as felonies, while others are misdemeanors. Regardless of what type of criminal charges you are facing, aggressive attorney Lindsey Parlin can fight for justice on your behalf. She’s a skillful Colorado criminal defense attorney with a first-rate record of success.


Many narcotic cases are Fourth Amendment cases. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution forbids police officers from unwarranted searches and seizures. If the police violated the Fourth Amendment during your arrest, it’s possible that evidence they gathered can be suppressed. Sometimes a motion to suppress is sufficient to have your charge reduced or completely dismissed.

When you work with Chaffee County drug crimes attorney Lindsey Parlin, she will explain how the law applies to your situation, what your legal rights and options are, and the possible outcomes of your case. Ms. Parlin will also negotiate with the prosecutor to keep the drug charge from being filed or to have the charge reduced or dismissed. Sometimes an acceptable plea deal with a reduced sentence is the best possible resolution; the court may offer rehabilitation as an alternative to jail or prison. If your case goes to trial, Lindsey Parlin will fight aggressively for your acquittal.


Every drug case is different. If you face a drug charge in Colorado, it’s imperative to speak with a good criminal defense lawyer with years of experience defending clients against these charges. From your initial free consultation to the conclusion of your drug case, Lindsey Parlin will defend your legal rights and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. Ms. Parlin represents clients in Eagle, Lake, Park, Summit, and Chafee counties. Her law firm has a number of practice areas, including assault and battery, domestic violence, DUI charges, drug crimes, traffic offenses, sex crimes, robbery, and probation violations.

If you are charged with a violation of Colorado drug laws, schedule a free consultation right now with Eagle County drug crimes lawyer Lindsey Parlin by completing the contact form on this website or by calling her Leadville law offices at 719-310-3703. Evening and weekend consultations in her law office are available on request.