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Lake County Hit and Run AttorneyIf you’re driving in Colorado, you must be willing to follow the rules of the road. One of these rules involves what to do after getting into car, motorcycle or truck accidents. After a traffic crash in Colorado, the law requires drivers to remain at the scene of the accident. Drivers must exchange contact and insurance information with one another. When the accident is serious, you must wait until law enforcement officers arrive. If you do not stop, you can be arrested by the police and charged with hit-and-run. It’s important to note a hit and run is not just an accident between two vehicles. If your motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian or bicyclist, you are still required to stop. If you collide with another car, but the driver is not in the car, you still must stop and leave your information. No person can know how he or she will respond to fear and panic. Experienced Colorado traffic and criminal defense attorney Lindsey Parlin understands that every hit-and-run is different and that the precise circumstances of each case are crucial to determining innocence or guilt. If you face a hit-and-run charge in Colorado, get legal help immediately and call the law offices of Colorado traffic and Chaffee County hit and run attorney Lindsey Parlin.


Four categories of hit-and-runs are specified by Colorado state law:

  • Property damage only: Class-2 misdemeanor (up to a year in jail and $1,000 in fines)
  • Injury accident: Class-1 misdemeanor (up to 18 months in jail and $5,000 in fines)
  • Serious injury accident: Class-5 felony (up to 3 years in prison and fines up to $500,000)
  • Fatal accident: Class-3 felony (up to 12 years in prison and fines up to $750,000)

In all four categories of this crime, if you are convicted, your driver’s license will likely be suspended, and probation is possible. If someone was injured or killed in the accident, you could also face a personal injury or wrongful death civil suit on top of the criminal charges. This means you may be required to pay compensation to the victims for their injuries and property damage on top of facing the legal consequences of a criminal conviction.


Colorado hit-and-run cases often go to trial, so having an experienced defense attorney at your side is imperative. With experience in both traffic law and criminal defense, attorney Lindsey Parlin is ready to represent you. Her extensive background in the Colorado court system uniquely equips her to explain the law, develop your defense, and fight for the best possible resolution to your case. A hit-and-run conviction can mean jail, fines, and license suspension or revocation. If injuries were serious, or if drugs or alcohol were involved, the likelihood of jail time increases. If you’re accused of hit-and-run, you need the quality legal representation that Lake County hit and run lawyer Lindsey Parlin provides.

Ms. Parlin’s law office represents clients throughout El Paso, Lake, and Chafee counties. After evaluating your hit-and-run case, Ms. Parlin will outline your legal options and begin to develop your defense. Please schedule a free consultation right now with El Paso County hit and run lawyer Lindsey Parlin at her Leadville law offices by completing the form on this website or by calling 719-310-3703. Evening and weekend appointments with her law firm are available.