El Paso County Child Support Attorney

El Paso County child support attorneyIt goes without saying that it takes a lot of money to raise a child these days. When parents divorce, their children’s financial needs must be assessed and satisfied. Our founder, El Paso County child support lawyer Lindsey Parlin, has several years of experience under her belt and will be at your side throughout your legal dispute. Lindsey will assertively represent your case, as it is her mission to ensure that your children are cared for properly and that all final rulings are being followed. If you going through a divorce, you need to protect your children – and your best bet is to hire a skilled lawyer that you can trust. Whether your child support battle is already underway or just getting started, we can help you. Simply call any of Lindsey’s family law offices, and we’ll get started on discussing your situation.


Depending on the family’s circumstances, either parent may be required to make child support payments. Colorado family law courts follow exacting child support guidelines to decide how much child support a parent will pay or receive. A Colorado family court considers a number of elements when calculating that amount: the parents’ incomes, assets, and debts; the child’s medical and daycare or educational expenses; the ages of the children; and any item pertinent to the child’s best interests. Experienced El Paso County child support lawyer Lindsey Parlin fights aggressively for her clients in child support negotiations, hearings, and enforcement actions. She undoubtedly has the necessary experience and legal skills to help her clients and their children achieve the best possible legal results. You’ll also want Ms. Parlin’s help if you eventually need to have a child support order modified.


If you are located within the El Paso, Lake and Chaffee counties, or any neighbor Colorado communities, El Paso County child support lawyer Lindsey Parlin will be able to assist you. Fun fact: our founder has received an honorable recognition by the Leadville Herald Democrat – she’s been considered the “Favorite Local Attorney” for three consecutive years! If you’re divorcing and anticipating a child support issue in the future, we advise you to seek legal advice immediately. El Paso County child support attorney Lindsey Parlin can help you defend your rights and your children’s financial situation. Please fill in our website’s contact form, or, if you prefer to call, you can reach us at 719-310-3703 (your first consultation is on us!).