El Paso County family lawyer and criminal attorneyIn El Paso County, attorney Lindsey Parlin provides sound legal advice and high-quality legal services to families and individuals dealing with matters of family law, criminal law, traffic law, and estate planning. Those who need an attorney’s help with any of these matters should retain the legal assistance of an experienced El Paso County family lawyer and criminal attorney who’s helped dozens of others in comparable circumstances. Call now to set up a free initial legal consultation. You’ll be offered every courtesy and treated with the respect that every client deserves. El Paso County attorney Lindsey Parlin provides aggressive legal representation to clients in matters that include divorce and family law, criminal defense, traffic citations, dispute mediation, and probate, wills, and estate planning.


El Paso County attorney Lindsey Parlin works aggressively on behalf of families to resolve family law disputes. If you have children, Ms. Parlin puts their interests first. She represents clients in divorce, child custody, child support, and visitation disputes as well as alimony disputes and disagreements regarding the division of marital assets and properties. If you are divorcing in El Paso County, or if you need modification or enforcement of a court order related to your divorce, contact El Paso County attorney Lindsey Parlin as quickly as possible.


In or near El Paso County, if you are accused of a felony or a misdemeanor, contact attorney Lindsey Parlin at once. Ms. Parlin defends clients charged with sex and drug crimes, domestic violence crimes, robbery and theft, child abuse, parole or probation violations, and the violation of protection orders. Whether you believe that you are innocent or guilty, you’ll need aggressive, experienced defense representation fast. Don’t try to act as your own lawyer – too much is at risk. Instead, put your case in the hands of an experienced El Paso County defense attorney – Lindsey Parlin.


Attorney Lindsey Parlin also works on behalf of drivers in Colorado who are cited for breaking state and local traffic laws. If you are accused of reckless driving, speeding, or driving while intoxicated, call El Paso County attorney Lindsey Parlin immediately. She also represents clients dealing with charges such the possession of controlled substances while driving or underage drinking and driving.


When you need help with estate planning, you want an attorney who helps you create a personalized estate plan that meets your wishes. The estate planning attorney to call in El Paso County is Lindsey Parlin. Ms. Parlin assesses every clients’ financial condition, discusses your wishes, and sees to it that your instructions will be followed. She will help you create the estate plan that satisfies your objectives, protects your assets from estate taxes, and distributes your assets quickly when that time arrives.


Attorney Lindsey Parlin has served the Denver County Court as a qualified mediator, and she now provides mediation services to her clients in El Paso County. If you want to settle a legal dispute out of court – a small claims case, a landlord-tenant dispute, or a comparable kind of disagreement – contact attorney Lindsey Parlin at once to discuss and arrange for mediation.

El Paso County family lawyer and criminal attorney Lindsey Parlin represents and assists clients in Chafee, El Paso, and Lake County and across the state. She has been honored as a “Favorite Local Attorney” by the Leadville Herald Democrat for three years consecutively. For sound legal advice, high-quality legal services, and the aggressive representation you may need from an experienced El Paso County attorney, call the law offices of Lindsey Parlin at 719-310-3703, or fill out the contact form on this website, and her office will contact you promptly.