Eagle County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Eagle County Criminal Defense LawyerIf you face a felony charge or misdemeanor charges in Lake County, Eagle County, or Chaffee County, you’ll need to be represented by an experienced Eagle County criminal defense attorney who can guide you through the criminal law system while providing an aggressive defense on your behalf. You need an attorney who will work with you personally on your legal issue and use every available legal tool in the pursuit of justice. Defense lawyer Lindsey Parlin represents clients in Eagle County who are charged with various crimes. Some of her practice areas include driving under the influence (DUI), sex and drug crimes, crimes of domestic violence, assault, battery, robbery, and traffic crimes and violations. A conviction for a felony or a misdemeanor could send you to jail, devastate your family, and hurt your ability to find employment. If you are facing criminal charges – whether you believe you are innocent or guilty – you will need an experienced Eagle County criminal defense lawyer to protect your legal rights and to advocate on your behalf.


Criminal lawyer Lindsey Parlin will work tirelessly for the best possible result to your criminal case. Sometimes that means having charges dismissed before having to go to trial. In other cases, it can mean reaching a plea agreement that’s acceptable to everyone involved. Ms. Parlin will frankly and honestly assess your case and will defend you diligently and aggressively in court. If you need skilled, experienced criminal defense representation, or if you’re simply seeking sound legal advice, Lindsey Parlin can help. A conviction can lead to a number of consequences in your personal and professional life in the state of Colorado. In general, it may be difficult to find employment after a conviction because a business will not want to take a chance on hiring people with a record. That’s why it’s imperative you work with one of the top attorneys who has experience serving clients in criminal matters. If you or someone you love has already been arrested and charged, or even if you believe that you are suspected of a crime, don’t waste any time–call our law firm to speak to experienced Eagle County criminal defense attorney Lindsey Parlin as quickly as possible.


Eagle County criminal defense attorney Lindsey Parlin represents clients in Eagle, Lake, and Chaffee County and adjacent Colorado communities. Ms. Parlin has been named a “Favorite Local Attorney” for three consecutive years by the Leadville Herald Democrat. She values the attorney-client relationship and treats each client with the utmost respect. If you need advice regarding any legal matter, or if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony in Eagle County, obtain the counsel and representation you need from an experienced Eagle County criminal defense attorney. Complete the online information form on the contact page of this website or call the law offices of Lindsey Parlin today at 719-310-3703. To see our law office location, please view the map located on this site. The first consultation is free.