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Lake County Domestic Violence AttorneyA domestic violence accusation can result in fines and even jail time, but the worst loss can be the loss of admiration from your friends, children, colleagues, and neighbors. A domestic violence conviction can also negatively affect employment, child custody, your relationship with close friends and family, and other important aspects of your life. Teachers and child care workers can lose professional licenses; you can also lose your right to own or carry a firearm if you have a conviction on your record. If you are charged with domestic violence in Colorado, you’ll want an experienced El Paso County domestic violence lawyer who has helped others in similar circumstances and who treats you with professional courtesy and personal respect. Get the legal help you need and call the offices of family law and Lake County domestic violence attorney Lindsey Parlin.


In Colorado, domestic violence may be charged as a misdemeanor (a physical push, slap, or threat, for instance) or as a felony if the abuse causes severe or long-term injury. Regardless of the charge, you will need legal assistance from criminal defense lawyers.

The domestic violence category includes assault, battery, harassment, menacing, kidnapping, and burglary. Victims of domestic violence will often request orders of protection from the court. Often the accusation can be entirely discredited. Self-defense and defense of personal property are also potentially successful defenses in domestic violence cases in Colorado, but any winning defense will require the talents of a good criminal defense attorney.

A family law attorney as well as a criminal defense lawyer, Lindsey Parlin understands the difficult circumstances that invariably accompany a domestic violence charge. She will address your concerns, answer your legal questions, explain Colorado’s domestic violence laws, and develop an aggressive strategy for your defense. Ms. Parlin will work diligently to uncover the facts in your case, to interrogate witnesses, and to render an effective, articulate defense while steadily championing your legal rights and advocating for the best possible end result.


Attorneys find that Colorado law typically favors the purported victim in domestic abuse cases; however attorney Lindsey Parlin puts the law back in your corner. Ms. Parlin represents clients throughout El Paso, Lake, and Chafee counties. If you are accused of domestic violence, schedule a free consultation with Chafee County domestic violence lawyer Lindsey Parlin – today – by filling out the form on the contact page of this site or by calling her law offices at 719-310-3703. Evening and weekend appointments in her law office are available on request.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, there’s no time to waste. Contact Parlin Law P.C. law firm today to discuss our legal services and how we can protect and support you during this difficult time.