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Leadville criminal defense lawyerIf you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor in or near Lake County, don’t put your freedom, your family, and your future at even more risk. Take the charge seriously and retain the counsel of an experienced Lake County defense lawyer with a record of victories in similar cases – a criminal defense lawyer who successfully leads clients through the often-confusing Colorado criminal justice system. Lindsey Parlin is a Lake County defense attorney who represents those facing charges that include domestic violence, assault, battery, drug possession, traffic tickets, sex crimes, drug offenses, DUI, and other alleged crimes in Lake County and nearby Colorado communities. If you’re charged with a crime in or near Lake County, contact criminal attorney Lindsey Parlin for legal services as quickly as possible.


When you face criminal charges in Colorado, it’s imperative to have an experienced Lake County defense lawyer protecting your rights and offering vigorous defense representation through ever step of the legal process. Lake County criminal defense lawyer Lindsey Parlin will give you honest, practical legal advice, and if necessary, she will aggressively defend you at trial and negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce your charges. She can investigate the alleged crime, compile evidence on your behalf, question witnesses, and fight for the best possible conclusion to your case. If there’s a flaw in the prosecution’s case against you, she will find that flaw and use it to raise doubts about your guilt. If the evidence for the criminal charge against you is overwhelming, and you are found guilty, defense lawyer Lindsey Parlin will fight for reduced or alternative sentencing and help you get your life back. Contact her law firm–Parlin Law P.C.–today to learn how she can protect you in court and provide you with the legal services you need to fight the charges.


Every criminal case is different in the state of Colorado. If you face misdemeanor or felony charges in Colorado, it’s imperative to speak with a good local criminal lawyer in Lake County immediately. From your initial free consultation to the conclusion of your case, criminal law attorney Lindsey Parlin will defend your legal rights and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. Criminal defense attorney Lindsey Parlin represents clients in Lake, El Paso, and Chaffee County. If you are charged with a violation of Colorado law, schedule a free consultation right now with experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer Lindsey Parlin by completing the contact form on this website or by calling her law offices at 719-373-1617. Evening and weekend consultations are available in her law office on request.