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Lake County Civil Union Dissolution AttorneyAlthough same-sex marriage is banned by the Colorado state constitution, Colorado has recognized designated beneficiary agreements since 2009 and civilian unions since 2013. With a comprehensive background in family law, Lake County family lawyer Lindsey Parlin assists clients who seek to end their relationship with a dissolution of their civil union.

If you are a partner in a civilian unification in Colorado, and you seek or anticipate a dissolution, get the experienced legal help you need and contact the law offices of Lindsey Parlin at once.


Basically, the Colorado Civil Union Act affords to partners in a civil union almost all of the same legal rights that spouses possess in Colorado divorce cases. These rights – to receive alimony (called “maintenance” in Colorado) and a fair division of assets and debt – also apply to those who have entered unions in other states and have relocated to Colorado. The Colorado Civil Union Act is still a relatively new law; its full impact on child custody and child support cases is still being determined. Nevertheless, in all such cases, Colorado judges base their rulings on what they believe is the best interests of the children.


The dissolution of a civilian unification can be extremely stressful, particularly when the partners cannot reach an agreement and must appear before a judge. Chaffee County civil unification dissolution lawyer Lindsey Parlin understands the tensions and emotions that can accompany civil union dissolutions. She offers sound legal advice and aggressive yet thoughtful representation. Whether the precise issue is assets, debt, maintenance, attorney’s fees, or restraining orders, you’ll need a knowledgeable, experienced family law attorney to help you through the dissolution of your civilian unification. Attorney Lindsey Parlin can answer your legal questions, address your concerns, and work with you to develop a legal strategy leading to the best possible resolution of your situation.

Ms. Parlin offers free initial consultations at her Leadville law offices and offsite as well. She represents clients in El Paso, Lake, Park, Summit, and Chafee counties. Her law office has a number of family law practice areas, including child custody and visitation, dissolution of marriage, civil union dissolutions, child support, property division, domestic violence protection orders, and maintenance issues. Evening and weekend appointments are available. If you are considering – or expecting – the dissolution of your civilian unification, get the legal you need from an experienced El Paso County civilian union dissolution attorney. Fill out the online form on the contact page on this site or call the law offices of Lindsey Parlin today at 719-310-3703. Couples should not waste any time when it comes to seeking the legal resources they need–contact the Parlin Law P.C. law firm today.