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Lake County Child Support AttorneyLake County child support attorney Lindsey Parlin is experienced at helping divorcing parents determine and meet their children’s financial needs.

She works aggressively for clients to make certain that children are provided for and that the court’s youngster support orders are enforced.

If you are involved – or anticipate being involved – in a child support dispute, contact the law offices of Lindsey Parlin and get the legal help you’re going to need.


Child support is an obligation to maintain and care financially for a child that the parents are raising separately. Depending on the case, either parent may be ordered to pay youngster support. Colorado courts adhere to precise guidelines to determine the amount of child assist payments.

Elements the court may consider in calculating the amount of child support include:

  • Parents’ incomes, assets, and debts
  • Child support or maintenance from a prior marriage
  • Children’s medical and daycare expenses
  • Amount of time spent with the non-custodial parent
  • Children’s ages

Eagle County child support attorney Lindsey Parlin will fight aggressively for her clients in child support negotiations, hearings, and enforcement matters. As a Child and Family Investigator (CFI) for Colorado’s 5th Judicial District, Ms. Parlin has conducted investigations and interviews and has provided custody and visitation recommendation to the court, experience that gives her exceptional insights and skills in child support disputes. Chaffee County child support attorney Lindsey Parlin has the knowledge, experience, and legal skills to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients and their children.

If you pay child support, the court may order payment modifications if your income drops, you become unemployed, the other spouse’s income increases, or living expenses change in either household. If you are the spouse receiving child support, you may request modifications if the paying spouse’s income increases, if your child’s expenses have significantly increased, or if it’s discovered that the paying spouse has undisclosed income. Although it is not required, it is highly recommended you seek the help of an experienced family law attorney if you need to request modifications.


Child support lawyer Lindsey Parlin represents clients in Breckenridge, Leadville, Avon, Beaver Creek, Dillon, Eagle, Edwards, Fairplay, Frisco, Keystone, Vail, Silverthorne, Salida, Buena Vista, and throughout Eagle, Lake, Park, Summit, and Chafee counties. She has been named “Favorite Local Attorney” for three consecutive years by the Leadville Herald Democrat. Our law office focuses on a number of family law practice areas, including child custody, child support, property division, and maintenance issues. If you are involved in any child support dispute – or if you expect that you will be – get the legal counsel and representation you need from an experienced Colorado family law attorney. Please complete the information form on the contact page on this site or call the law offices of Lindsey Parlin today at 719-310-3703 to schedule a consultation. Don’t waste any time when it comes to settling child support cases–contact Parlin Law P.C. law firm today to discuss your legal issue.