Chaffee County Child Support Attorney

Chaffee County Child Support AttorneyEvery parent is obligated to contribute financial resources to the support of his or her children both during and after a marriage. Experienced Chaffee County child support lawyer Lindsey Parlin helps parents in and near Chaffee County to obtain court orders for child support, and she sees to it that those orders are enforced. If you expect to be part of a dispute about child support payments; if you need the court to issue a child support order; if you need a child support order modified; or if you are not receiving the child support payment ordered by the court, contact family attorney Lindsay Parlin as quickly as possible, and consult with an experienced family law attorney who has the background and skill to advocate effectively on your behalf for the justice that you and your children deserve.


The needs of every parent and child are different, but in this state, child support payment amounts are calculated according to a set of precise child support guidelines. The court will look at a number of factors when calculating how much the supporting parent should pay, including the income of both parents. Attorney Lindsey Parlin is dedicated to applying her clients’ needs to those guidelines in a way that will support the best possible outcome for the children. Ms. Parlin fully understands just how complicated and frustrating child support matters can be. It can be even more frustrating when the supporting parent fails to pay and you have to ask for court ordered enforcement. She provides information and offers insights to clients to help them choose the best possible family law options and approaches. Whatever you decide, family lawyer Lindsey Parlin will back you up and support you as you pursue the future that you and your child or children deserve.


Chaffee County child support lawyer Lindsey Parlin represents clients in El Paso, Lake, and Chaffee County and adjacent Colorado communities. Ms. Parlin has been named a “Favorite Local Attorney” for three consecutive years by the Leadville Herald Democrat. Our law office assists people with family law services including child custody, child support, property division, and maintenance issues. If you need legal advice regarding a child support matter, or if you are involved in a child support dispute – or if you expect that you will be – obtain the legal counsel and representation you need from an experienced Chaffee County child support attorney. Please complete the online information form on the contact page on this site or call the law offices of child support lawyer Lindsey Parlin today at 719-310-3703. Your first consultation is free.