Chaffee County Child Custody Attorney

Chaffee County Child Custody AttorneyIf you are a parent, nothing can cause more anxiety than a child custody dispute. In any child custody case in or near Chaffee County, you need an experienced Chaffee County child custody lawyer who will understand your concerns and anxieties. If you are involved in or anticipate a child custody battle, call experienced Chaffee County child custody lawyer Lindsey Parlin as quickly as possible. Ms. Parlin works with clients on every aspect of child custody including visitation privileges, emergency issues, decision-making rights, and the modification and enforcement of child custody orders.


It can be hard to accept that your relationship with your child may change if you are no longer the custodial parent of your child. Family law attorney Lindsey Parlin will work to understand your child’s needs and your own parenting goals. She can help most parents craft an acceptable custody agreement. Colorado courts presume that joint custody is in most cases the best resolution for children, but a judge will grant sole custody if he or she determines that sole custody is best for the child. Instead of accusing the other parent, however, your best strategy is to show the court why you should be the custodial parent. Let attorney Lindsey Parlin at the law firm Parlin Law P.C. help.


Child custody cases can not only trigger highly emotional reactions in all involved parties but also dramatically change your family’s daily life and overall wellbeing. We strongly advise you to hire a knowledgeable attorney who can guide you and figure out the best course of action in your situation. Your children should receive the best care, and it’s your attorney’s job to do everything that’s possible to defend their rights throughout your custody battle. Contact Chaffee County child custody lawyer Lindsey Parlin as quickly as possible for a free initial consultation if you are involved in or anticipating a fight over custodial rights. Ms. Parlin is legally able to work with you, if you are either in El Paso, Lake, or Chaffee County, or any adjacent Colorado communities. She has actually earned quite a bit of reputation in the recent past – the Leadville Herald Democrat has given her the title of  “Favorite Local Attorney” for three consecutive years! Regardless of the exact nature of your situation (child custody matters, child support, domestic violence, protection orders, etc), our law office will happily assist you. Simply fill out the information form on the contact page on this site or call the law offices of Lindsey Parlin promptly at 719-310-3703. Let us analyze all the facts surrounding your case so that we’ll get started on coming up with a plan to protect your children.