As family lawyers, we know that relocation with children is stressful, and best avoided unless circumstances demand that you move out of the state. Sometimes circumstances emerge that require one parent to move out of the state. This could be due to a job transfer, or for any other reason. Remember that moving isn’t as simply as picking up the child and moving out of the state.

Your visitation schedule clearly defines the amount of parenting time that you and your ex-spouse can spend with the child. It also clearly defines responsibilities. All of those are subject to change during a relocation, and if you are considering making any kind of change to your visitation schedule or parenting plan because you are moving out of the state, it is very important for you to get legal advice. Remember, the process isn’t easy and the court will not simply agree to change the visitation schedule purely because you have the need to. If you are in New York and need legal help, a Sullivan County, NY Divorce attorney may be able to help.

If you are currently receiving child support payments for the care of your child, remember that relocation will also lead to a change in child support payments as a result of the relocation. During the relocation, the amount of time that the child spends with the noncustodial parent is likely to change, and that will definitely impact the support amount that you are owed.

The court will consider a number of factors including the reason for your relocation, the relationship you have with the child, your spouse’s relationship with the child, the changes that the move will bring in the child’s life including changes in educational opportunities, as well as the difficulty maintaining touch with extended family and other factors. The court will consider carefully the effect on the child and will require a new visitation schedule that will be in effect.

If you’re considering a move out of Colorado, speak with a Leadville family lawyer.