Soon after an arrest, you may face charges. You do not have to respond to these charges immediately. All of that happens at an arraignment.

Soon after an arrest, the person may have to hire a criminal defense law firm and appear at a court hearing. This hearing is called an arraignment and will take place sometime after the arrest. At the arraignment, the accused will have to enter a plea. You can enter a “guilty” plea or “not guilty” plea. Typically, however, defendants choose to enter a “not guilty” plea. This helped them secure their rights to a trial later in the future.

If however, a plea bargain has been reached, your Leadville criminal defense lawyer will recommend that you enter a plea of “guilty” based on the plea bargain that has been agreed on. Remember a plea bargain is the result of negotiations, between your Leadville criminal defense lawyers and the prosecutors, and may lead to a reduction of the charges against you or a reduction of the sentence. It’s important that you discuss the advisability of accepting the plea deal extensively with your attorney.

A plea deal, for instance, could result in a reduction of the sentence in exchange for your entering a guilty plea. In other cases, the charges against you could be reduced.

If you enter a “not guilty” plea, then the trial must begin with a period of six months.

Your arraignment will mark the first time that you will make a court appearance after the arrest, and it is an important day. At the arraignment, the judge will clearly inform about all of your rights, as well as the complaint against you. Discuss how to prepare for the arraignment your attorney. Your attorney will be able to advise you about what to expect. If the issue relates to a business matter, Public Adjusters for Business Interruption Claims in Miami, FL may be able to help.

It’s important to have a Leadville criminal defense lawyer by your side, when you are at any stage in the proceedings against you.