A plea bargain or plea negotiation is the logical end to a criminal case in most cases. An overwhelming majority of cases end in a plea deal. A plea deal is nothing but a settlement of a criminal case that is the result of negotiations between your Leadville criminal defense lawyer and the prosecution team.

Colorado law recognizes the use of plea bargains as an essential legal tool that can help with the easy resolution of criminal cases. Plea bargains can occur at any stage of the proceedings. Sometimes, you may find that your Leadville criminal defense lawyer is able to get a plea deal with the prosecution on the same day that charges are filed. That can lessen the legal headache for you. Sometimes, plea deals are reached just before the trial is due to begin.

There are a number of factors that may be considered when your attorneys and the prosecution team, work towards a plea deal. Whether you have a criminal record will definitely play a part in the negotiations. If, for instance, your crime is against a person, then the prosecution will also consider how the person, who was harmed by your offense, feels about a plea bargain. Most importantly, negotiations will center on the strength of your case and the kind of evidence that your attorneys will present to prove your innocence in court. Similarly, your attorneys will also spotlight the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Remember, prosecutors in Colorado have a great deal of discretion, when it comes to settle criminal charges. Also, remember that the judge is the ultimate authority who can accept or reject a plea bargain. A plea deal cannot be considered final unless the judge accepts it.

For more information about plea bargains, or to learn whether a plea deal may be possible in your case, speak to a Leadville criminal defense lawyer.