Several studies have pointed to the association between child abuse and criminal activity as adults. As criminal defense lawyers, we know that children who have faced sexual, physical, verbal other types of abuse are much more likely to have antisocial tendencies that result in criminal activity when they reach adulthood.

A new study however sheds a new different light on these facts. Researchers recently found that boys in elementary school who had been abused, and showed certain types of disturbing externalizing behaviors, like fighting or disobedience, were much more likely to commit crimes as adults. However, girls who showed such externalizing behaviors were not necessarily more likely to exhibit criminal behaviors as adults.

Similarly, in the case of elementary school-aged girls, internalizing behaviors like depression were found to be greater indicators of adult crimes. However, in the case of boys who showed these internalizing behaviors, the behaviors were not necessarily likely to result in a higher risk of criminal activity.

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