DUI offenses are serious and can come with serious consequences when the person is found to have been drinking and driving. When the person does it more than once or twice, this can be an ongoing problem and one that comes with serious consequences. Not learning from the first one or two times can cause a judge to provide a more serious punishment because the person may end up hurting themselves or someone else in the process. If this is something you are experiencing it may be time to contact your local Leadville criminal defense attorney

The terms can be interchangeable in+ some states, but in others, DUI means driving while under the influence of drugs, while DWI means driving while intoxicated with alcohol. However, either way, either charge is serious. 

Usually, in most states, when a person is found to be driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs after the first charge, they are usually charged with even more serious charges after the first time. Further charges can be given if the person doesn’t submit to a breathalyzer or drug test after having a DUI or DWI previously. 

The Charges 

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Those who are found to be repeat offenders find themselves having to pay higher fines due to this, sometimes upwards to $10,000. This is a high amount that will need to be paid out over time. Some may have to go to jail or even probation because of the repeat offenses. This is something that is put on their permanent record, and they can also take away the person’s license for a period of time or indefinitely. 

The charges change from state to state, and it depends on the person and their unique situation. However, the person is generally mandated to go to meetings and classes to help them not only stop their reckless behavior but also to stop using drugs or drinking. This is not only for their health, but also to keep everyone on the roadways safe.

There are also states which state that the vehicle that the person was driving can be immobilized. Usually, the first offense allows for the vehicle to be impounded, but the second may have a specific time frame where the vehicle has to be impounded and cannot be picked up, such as within 90 days. There are other times when the driver has been caught driving under the influence for the third or more times when the vehicle is confiscated and kept. 

When the vehicle is confiscated, the government then owns the vehicle and the title is transferred to them. When this happens, there is no exception to the rule, regardless of who owns the vehicle or the hardships that the family might be under. This is why it is important to consider the consequences if you are going to be drinking or using drugs and driving. 

There are other precautions that are sometimes taken, such as installing breathalyzers into the vehicle. The person has to breathe into it for the vehicle to run. If they are deemed to be drunk, then the vehicle is not going to be able to be started. This device may require the person to continue to blow into it as they drive along. This is known as “rolling tests” for the driver. The information is stored and sent to the database that the officials have, so they know where the person stands, or if they need to know if they have been drinking. 

Another type of way to safeguard the community is for those who have been found to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol have a special license plate with a sign that states that they have. This not only lets others on the road know about this but also officials that they come across. This way, the officials can keep an eye out for those who might be repeat offenders. 

Some states have registries that hold the information of those who have been charged with a DWI or DUI. These are made available to the public, so the information can be accessed online at any time, by anyone who wishes to know more about those who are charged.

DUI/DWI is Serious

Those who find themselves being charged for a DUI or DWI need to take this charge seriously. This is because these charges are serious and they can cause a person to lose their lives if the person continues this reckless behavior. 

If someone you know is trying to drive while intoxicated, it is important that you take their keys and call a taxi. You don’t want someone’s life to be taken because someone didn’t want to call or pay for a taxi to provide them with a way to get home. This can cause a lot of heartache, pain, and loss of life that could be avoided if the person chooses not to do something like this.

It is important to think before you act and make sure to give someone your keys if you think you might drive while drinking. Stay safe and drink responsibly. 

Call Professionals Who Can Help 

Repeat Dui Offenses

If you or someone you know has been charged with something like this, it is important to reach out to the right person who is able to help. This is due to the fact that without their help, you may find it hard to overcome this type of charge, as this is a serious offense and you need to seek help to stop, as this can also be damaging to your or others’ lives. Don’t hurt anyone, and make sure to get the help you need.

Calling the office of Parlin Law PC can provide you with the information you want and need, without having to worry about not having the specific help needed. You can call on them and they can guide you on what to do and how to do it. Call them today to learn more and see if they are able to provide the help you might be in need of, especially after any repeat DUI offenses that you might be faced with.