As a divorce law firm, we know that people are often not prepared for the monumental changes in their life after divorce. It’s not just your finances or your living arrangements that will be different after the divorce. From your lifestyle, and your social circle, to the relationship with your children-all of these will undergo some degree of change.

First and foremost, expect a significant lifestyle change. Remember, that you are now a single -person household, and even with alimony payments and child support payments, you will find your financial situation is much more restrictive than it was during your marriage. Divorce is often a trigger for bankruptcy.

Also expect a major change in your social circle. You’ll find that some friends decide to side with your spouse altogether. This may be traumatic and painful for you, but it is commonly seen during a divorce. Remember, that your social circle may change dramatically, as some friends decide not to keep in touch with you anymore.

Expect a certain impact after the divorce on your children. The bad news is that you can expect resentment, frustration, anxiety and bitterness. The good news is that this impact does not last long. If you are able to hold your own, and are able to give your children the feeling of security that they’re looking for, the effects of the divorce will begin to wear off as early as within a couple of years after the divorce.

You can expect to feel feelings of resentment at the fact that your ex is moving on with his or her life after divorce.

Expect a sense of failure, as you struggle to deal with the fact that your marriage has ended. This very often causes feelings of sadness.

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