For years, the accepted wisdom has held that unrestricted access to a father after a divorce is in the best interests of the child. That may not necessarily be true in the case of a father who struggles with abuse and violence issues, however. According to a new study, children who continue to meet with such fathers in an unsupervised visitation environment may face verbal abuse, disparaging remarks about their mothers and all forms of other mental abuse.

The study was conducted by researchers at Trinity College in Ireland and found that as many as 60% of mothers who allowed their children to visit with their fathers after the divorce, had concerns about the safety and emotional well-being of their children. Mainly, the mothers were concerned that the children would have their emotional welfare damaged as a result of such exposure to the father. Mothers described that when children were in visitation environments with fathers, they were frequently exposed to verbal abuse as well as taunting remarks made about their mothers.

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