As Leadville divorce attorneys, we know there are a lot of emotions that you will feel in a divorce, but it’s safe to say that being grateful is not on top of the list. After all, during what is one of the most traumatic and emotional upheavals of your life, you are likely to feel everything from resentment to fear, and gratitude may not even make the list.

However, your mindset needs to change. According to a new study, focusing time on being grateful, and maintaining a gratitude journal actually helps change a person’s outlook during the divorce. It boosts optimism, and could actually help you stay healthy during the divorce.

Divorce often has extremely negative connotations, and with good reason. When you have just filed for divorce, you may not associate it with positive emotions, (although this changes after the divorce). You might find yourself becoming pessimistic, depressed and even more anxious as the proceedings drag on.

Experts suggest that you maintain a gratitude journal in which you note down all the little things that you are grateful for even during this traumatic period of your life. In one study, subjects maintained a journal, and at the end of the study, the researchers found that the persons who maintained the gratitude journal were able to achieve their goals much quicker, and felt much more positive about their lives, compared to the control group.

Being optimistic and grateful seems to release endorphins, which makes you feel good. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that that being stressed or angry all the time, only increases your risk of heart attack or stroke.

There may not be much that you can do to change the fact that you’re getting divorced, but you can change your attitude towards it. Having the right lawyer can also help change your attitude. Speak to a Leadville family lawyer for help during the divorce. Schedule a consultation with a Leadville family lawyer today.