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Lake County Assault and Battery AttorneyYou probably are not a bad person, but if you are charged in Colorado with assault, you’re in a bad circumstance. Assault in Colorado is a serious charge. A conviction can have grave and long-term consequences including possible jail time. Working with a good Colorado criminal defense lawyer is realistically your only option for protecting your freedom effectively and for safeguarding your future securely. If you are accused of assault in Colorado – now or in the future – get the legal help you need right away and call the law offices of Lake County assault and battery lawyer Lindsey Parlin. She understands your situation – she will protect your rights and defend you aggressively. Criminal defense attorney Lindsey Parlin has a unique criminal defense background, and she has earned the respect of her colleagues and community.


Colorado law recognizes several categories of assault. First Degree Assault is a Class-3 or a Class-5 felony. It is defined as assault causing serious bodily injury, disfigurement, or permanent disability by using a deadly weapon while intending to cause serious personal injury, disfigurement, or permanent disability; or using a deadly weapon to threaten a peace officer, firefighter, judge, or officer of the court acting in an official capacity, with the intent to cause serious bodily injury. Second Degree Assault can be a Class-3 felony, a Class-4 felony, or a Class-6 felony. Assault charges in Colorado also include Third Degree Assault, Vehicular Assault, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Assault on a Child.


If you’re being charged for assault in the state of Colorado, or even if you’re under suspicion for this crime, don’t wait to get the legal assistance you need from top local attorneys. By assessing the facts and offering your side of the story, an experienced Chaffee County assault and battery lawyer may even be able to stop a formal criminal charge from being filed. Once you’ve been charged with assault, sometimes the best option is a plea deal; other cases will require a trial. From your free initial consultation to the final resolution of your assault case, Lindsey Parlin will defend your rights aggressively and work for the best possible conclusion to the case. Her law firm has a number of practice areas, including assault and battery, domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, traffic tickets, sex crimes, robbery, and probation violations.

Ms. Parlin represents clients in El Paso, Lake, Park, Summit, and Chafee counties. If you are charged with assault, schedule a free consultation with El Paso County assault and battery lawyer Lindsey Parlin – today – by completing the contact form on the contact page on this site or by calling Ms. Parlin’s Leadville law offices at 719-310-3703. Evening and weekend appointments are available on request.