Mistakes That Prevent You from Moving on after Divorce

Leadville family lawyerSometimes, people get stuck in a rut and at the same stage of mourning after a divorce, for months after. That isn’t healthy, and if this is happening to you, it could indicate that you’re making mistakes that prevent you from moving on.

For instance, people who are unable to forgive the other spouse find it much more difficult to move on. They continue to harbor resentment and bitterness for the ex-spouse for months later, and that does nothing, but hold them back. You don’t have to tell your spouse that you have forgiven him or her, and you don’t have to announce it to your friends and relatives either. If you can accept all of your spouse’s shortcomings silently, you might find that that it actually allows you to move ahead and leave the past behind.

Some people try to replicate what they had in their marriage with new people. That only sets into motion a vicious cycle that will not end up making you happy. A new relationship may be much different from the older one, but that does not mean it cannot give you happiness.

A major contributor to the failure to move on after divorce is isolating oneself from friends, family members and others who generally care about you. If you have managed to lock people out of your life, open the door and let them back in. Isolating yourself in this manner makes it even more difficult for you to move on after the divorce.

Leadville family lawyers recommend counseling and therapy if you continue to have trouble moving on after divorce. Invest in yourself. Get a new haircut, or better still, a complete makeover. Join a hobby club, and pursue new interests. Remember, for many women, a divorce is the trigger that unfolds new potential for them.

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